29 sept. 2016

Daddy the birds of heel awaiting...Where is the insane old Phoenix?.. Daddy give your hands and I will built our Universe.

"Birds of Hell awaiting
With the wings on fire
Insane old Phoenix, baby
It's your death desire
The birds of Hell awaiting
With the wings on fire
Insane old Phoenix, baby
It's your death desire".

Marilyn Manson.

Hello again!!!

Ladies, I have another NEW RELEASE from Pacagaia Creations. This garment is a sensual proposal if you lover of the fetish. I have weakness for this theme because I have my own fetish. For this reason, for me is a pleausure post the following item: Mika Harness. 

Mika Harness by Pacagaia Creations is a applier for Maitreya - Lara; Slink; Belleza; #TMP and Omega system. 10 diferent patterns colors. 

Go to Pacagaia Creations and buy this sexy accessorie. It must to be in your wardrobe. 

Widelmina Zeminoba wears Mika Harness by Pacagaia Creations in black color with boots by N-core KAITLYN Black available at Uber. BLACK - Solange - Thong Panty - Lara; nippies by .aisling. Bellion. Hair by Letituier - Horse Hair - Black. Piercing by Yasum. 

Mina uses Maitreya Body Mesh - Lara. 

The picture was taking at L'Antic my favorite club at second life. 

Kisses ladies!!

See you soon. 

I'll get to my insane old phoenix

You think I'm jus doll...You're wrong. Very wrong.....I will show you just how dark I can be.

"You think I'm jus doll that's pit a doll. Ank and light. 
A doll you can arrange any way you like. You're wrong. 
Very wrong. What you think of me is only a ghost of time. 
I am dangerous. And I will show you just how dark I can be."
Harley Quinn.

Good afternoon ladies.

I have a great news for you: Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba has a new sponsor: Welcome  Pacagaia Creations to our blog. I'm happy because I love the shoes from this brand: They are original proposals in trend. The textures and colors are High Quality. 

Also, if you join VIP Group, you will get every month fabulous gifts. 

THANKS  Pacagaia Creations for this oportunitty!!! Well, my 1st post is about the full outfit named: Harley Quinn, inspired in Joker's Girlfriend of Suicide Squade Movie. I love this outit because is full, you can used with classic avatar or with your body mesh (Maitreya-Lara; Slink - Psysique and Hourglass; Belleza (Venus, Isis and Freya), omega system apply and #TMP). Also, it includes hair (only blonde), boots, bracelets and baseball bat. FABULOUS!!!!

I LOVED IT!!! Widelmina has been transformed in Harley Quinn by Pacagaia Creations. She has used Maitreya Body Mesh-Lara and the following complements:

* Eyebrowns style Harley Quinn by Passion Tatoos (Catwa Head).
* Choker with spikes by LE FORME.
* Gum by PINK FUEL - Yum Bubblegum animated.
* Body Tatoo by Endless Pain Tattoos - Harley. 

The Jacket is fabulous, the textures so so High Quality!!! Pacagaia Creations is a rock!!! If you love the styles retro or urban street Pacagaia Creations is the perfect option for you. I LOVE this brand because It has honey for my lips <3. 

Go to Pacagaia Creations and buy this fabulous outfit. NEW RELEASE!!

Pacagaia Creations at Networld:


Kisses ladies!!!

28 sept. 2016

Beep Beep....Time to take the holder cigarret, listen a good music then to dance with the rhythm Jailhouse Rock.

....Si te dicen que soy mas bonita que tu 
no les creas 
si te dicen que yo soy una flor azul 
no les creas 
si te cuentan que soy amorosa 
si te dicen que soy deleitosa 
no les creas....
Ely Guerra. 

Hello ladies!

I'm late because this day has been busy for me at rl. I has been on line to sl but I'm working in my home. Well, my 1st post of this day, about :::KENDRASY CREATIONS::: who put on sale two beautiful dresses where the fundamental premises was femeninity and sensuality. I lover to retro styles for this reason, I inspired in the Rockabilly Movement. 

1st picture, Widelmina shows us Julia by :::KENDRASY CREATIONS::: (Only for bodies mesh) Maitreya - Lara; Slink (Psysique and Hourglass); eBody; Belleza (Venus, Isis and Freya). Hud with 30 patterns color for top and lower. 

WELCOME AGE MESH!!! Mina uses Lelutka Head Simone. Another her faces...Mina is chameleon.

Mina chose the black and white, fabulous mix & match. My avattar uses the following complements:

* Hair by ingenue - :: Boogie Woogie :: - Noir.
* Sunglasses by (Yummy) - Vice Sunglasses (white).
* Pear stud by (Yummy).
* :PC: Bella Jane Heels [MAITREYA].
* * Tattoo by [White~Widow] Invictus.

2nd picture, Widelmina Zeminoba wears Aisha by :::KENDRASY CREATIONS::: another fabulous sensual dress for bodies mesh: Maitreya - Lara; Slink (Psysique and Hourglass); eBody; Belleza (Venus, Isis and Freya). Hud color with 30 patterns. 

Mina used the black color for this picture and she made a retro style inspired in Betie Page. The complements for the styling were:

* Hair by  ingenue - Page - Noir.
* Sunglasses by MG - Sunglasses - Monroe Florida 50's Classic.
* **RE** Bow Leather Glove Maitreya.
* Tattoo by [White~Widow] Invictus. 

Go to :::KENDRASY CREATIONS::: and buy these fabulous and sensual dresses. You will look amazing!!.