27 oct. 2016

Sweet lady,come with me.I have a dream for you. Can you feel me?

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. 
Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, 
the way we live, what is happening."

Coco Chanel.

Hello ladies!

I have a good news from GLITTER, this brand is participating at PENUMBRA Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week and will be FREAKSHOW Carnivale Fashion Event.  I'm going to show you one of the exclusive creations of this brand, available at PENUMBRA: Fluffy Outfit Skirt  & Fur Poncho. 

This is a mesh garment, five standard for skirt and poncho. 4 different models of this desing: Black/Gray; Blue, Dusty and Green Wood. 

Widelmina Zeminoba wears Fluffy Outfit Skirt  & Fur Poncho by GLITTER, black/gray model. She used Maitreya Body Mesh. Hair by Vanity Hair named: Monaco Blacks. Sunglasses by ZOOM - Murmia Sunglasses. Pearl & Diamond (earrings and bracelets) by Yummy. Ring by [MANDALA] -Tensei Set. 

The next picture, Widelmina Zeminoba show you the fabulous and exclusive creation from GLITTER that will be available at FREAKSHOW Carnivale Fashion Event, tomorrow: FREAK. Beautiful and sensual proposal, inspired in the circus  of the 30's.

This gaments includes: Corset, pantie, ornament for chest and hip, choker, hat, handbag and make up (no used it in this picture). Monochrome proposal ad hoc with the season. FREAK by GLITTER is a sensual and provocative creation for you. You must go at FREAKSHOW Carnivale Fashion Event tomorrow (28th Oct. - 13th nov) and get it.

Mina used the new release from ::WHITE QUEEN:: - Carnivale Make Up (Catwa Head). Hair from [Lelutka] - EFFECT - Pitch. Nasal by PUNCH - Double Chain. Gloves by clblue - Formal Gloves.

I hope you like the proposals from GLITTERFor me, they are fabulous. 

See you soon!!!

Kisses from Mina.

26 oct. 2016

Brindo en silencio y no sabemos ni nuestros nombres... tan inalcanzable. 
..esa mirada me encantaba. 
aun abriendo en canal el ensueño 
voy con los ojos 

siempre abiertos. 
por aguantar, 
brindo en silencio. 
y no sabemos ni nuestros nombres, 

no ignoramos nuestros excesos: 
pero tu sola presencia 
me enferma 
y me vacía...

Heroes del Silencio - Nuestros Nombres.

Hello ladies!!!

This post is about [ZANZE] who has two spectacular casual proposals named: Cara Dress and Bonnie Shorts and Tee. The synonyms for both garments are femeninity and comfort.  All designs are 100% mesh, some include version for body mesh, another only for classic avatar. The texturing work is perfect and high quality in colors and patterns. 

1st picture, Widelmina Zeminoba shows you Cara Dress by [ZANZE] (Pastels), five standard sizes and alpha layer. In this case, Widelmina is using the pastel pack, she chose the yellow pastel color for this picture. Cara Dress by [ZANZE] has a retro touch, you can see it in the making of the skirt. The lace is fabulous, very romantic and glamorous. 

Mina used the followings complements:
* Necklace and earrings  by [MANDALA] -Pearl Season 2 - Maple.
* Cuff by [MANDALA] - Haramita Season 2
* Sunglasses by  .::MVD::. - Butterfly Vintage Shades.
* Shoes by EMPIRE - Ursinia.

Next picture, Widelmina Zeminoba wears Bonnie Tee and shorts by [ZANZE], I love this styling because it is youthful and fresh. Mina looks very chic. 

Both creations are mesh and sold separately. Bonnie shorts by [ZANZE] includes five standard sizes with alpha layer. Bonnie Tee by [ZANZE] includes version for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink  Body Mesh and classic avatar. Mina shows you the models grey for shorts and pastel for top. 

Complements or items extra:

* Hair by !Oleander ~ Boone.
.DirtyStories. Rosally Glasses.
#EMPIRE - Ursinia - Physique.
Cuff by [MANDALA] - Haramita Season 2
* Shoes by EMPIRE - Ursinia.

Go to [ZANZE]...This store has a new releases fro you.You can see more amazing proposal sat .PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Week.

See you soon, ladies!!

Mina VonRich. 

24 oct. 2016

Hear the cries from the Mourning Palace Feel the gloom of restless spirits..............

...."Rise and give praise in front of Me
And receive eternal life from Me!
Welcome my spirit in honour of Me!
So drink of the blood I provide you
And you shall all forever wander in
The shadows of death...!

Dimmu Borgir - The Night Masquerade. 

Hello my beautiful people......

This month is very special for me but the magic and the night made a good mix&match. Also, the fashion world at second life is in the same tenor. Well,this post is about LUXE PARIS who puts on sale Elegant Witch. I love this dress because is a sexy proposal in a dramatic black and white spider web! Also included a sophisticated yet very real witch hat! Also it is compatible with standard avatars, Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies.

Widelmina Zeminoba wears Elegant Witch by LUXE PARIS. She gave a particular touch to this garment, inspired in ELVIRA, Mistressof the Dark. For this style, Mina wore the following complements:

+ Hair by Letituier - Circus (white).
+ Forehead Jewel - Purple by Vengeful Threads at The Mad Circus 2.
+ Lilith Necklace Purple by !IT! at The Mad Circus 2.
+ PUNCH / Spit / Female.
+ PUNCH / Devil / Distinct {Female}
+Accessorie for hand slink casual by FORMANAILS - Opalis Black.
+ Boots by EMPIRE - Coreopsis - Physique. 

Go to LUXE PARIS and get Elegant Witch. This is other fabulous creation, perfect to this spooky season. Burn the witches, ladies!!!

See you soon!!! I have more new releases in my inventory!!! yay!!!